Brave Boat is a concept reality show that invites creatives from all over the world to take part in a three month cruise, that will be the greatest adventure in their creative life!

Before the challenge:

Artists, designers and communicators from all over the world apply for the placement. An elite judging panel selects the top 6, who embark on this mission. Each selected participant shares their story and creative struggle. A professional team (consisting of designers, artists, psychologists & more) designs a program for each creative, with an objective he/she needs to meet by the end of the trip.

After the participants have been selected:

All participants are asked to create a new identity (alter ego) for themselves and work under that alias during the whole cruise. The purpose is for them to start challenging their own perception of themselves and let go of past fears and insecurities.

The participants:

For this season are eclectic. We have Rita (32, videographer) who wants to create the most technologically advanced piece of artwork yet, Martin (24, photographer) who is painfully shy, but is challenged to create a photo reportage of strangers, Vincent (37, doctor-turned-musician) successful surgeon, who surprisingly swapped careers and decided to become a musician, Stephen (47, graphic designer) a world-famous design star, 

who's ego and arrogance have detached him from people, needs to create a humanitarian project, Deborah (24, graphic designer) an over-achiever and under-believer, who needs to learn to trust in herself and last but not least Pablo (34, fine artist), easily talented artist, who needs to rediscover the motivation and purpose in his work.

A team of carefully selected top creative judges will keep track of the artist's progress and assist them in achieving their goals.

The boat itself provides them with all the facilities they'll need to complete their projects - from practical design studios with computer rooms, green and dark rooms, accompanied by tutorials and lectures, advisors, class sessions where they must share their weekly progress, all living facilities, gym, to more spiritual guidance like yoga, therapists, coaches and more.

The artist with the most successful outcome will become the winner of the Brave Boat challenge, will win a monetary reward and become Brave Boat's Brand Ambassador, thus becoming a judge themselves in the next edition of the program!

Stay tuned.
Brave Boat - Every Sunday at 8 PM.

On this project worked:

Andrea Lioy: Creative Supervision
Vasil Dzhagalov: Script, Edit & Sound Design
Simona Bunardzhieva: Concept, Illustration & Animation