temporary tattoo collection

PAPERSELF is a brand, that has two main products: amazing hypnotising lashes (that you have probably seen in the Hunger Games movies) and gorgeous temporary tattoos (that you have probably seen on the coolest fashion bloggers). 
I got to create for them probably one of the most flattering briefs I've ever received: my own collection of temporary tattoos!

The collection is (obviously) inspired by one of my favourite themes: Animal Kingdom. I thought - how awesome would it be to be able to wear animal patterns and textures and skins?! The collection features 5 designs and is named Wild Thing.

Just as exciting it was to design the collection, as rewarding it was to organise this photoshoot. The best things are that the whole team was a group of friends, we were all ladies, and I couldn't have been happier with the results! Mad props to my awesome team of the kick ass girls listed below. Just shows yet again how important it is to work with other people, and how other people's talents can elevate each other's work.

Photography: Bianca Tuckwell
Make up: Sinead McGowan
Model: Yunxin Stella Wang

The tattoo collection can be purchased at my online shop.