Chrysanthemums & Doves

illustration for stationery set


Poppy and Cloud is a US-based brand, that has a unique business model, which is offering designer objects for funerals. As part of their services they wanted to have a designer high-end stationery collection, and asked me to illustrate it.

For the artwork, I decided to draw a chrysanthemum, which is a flower often associated with death and funeral, together with two doves - symbolising the spirit of the deceased.

Graphic design: Tina Touli
Illustration: simoneone

The main illustration element

The main illustration element

Program (front)

The program for the service, informing about the date and time, the venue, and additional information about the service of the deceased. 

Write a memory card

The guests of the service can share their own stories about the deceased.

Prayer card

The guests can find the prayer for the event on these cards.

Program (back)

The back of the program for the service, with a photo of the deceased, a poem, and a little bit more information about their life.

Thank you card

The host(s) can send back Thank you cards, to express gratitude towards the guests.

And some of the process

And some of the process