Sometimes I get hired to do custom personalizations, monogramming or live drawing for events or for special occasions. Here is a selection of some of the events I’ve done.

simoneone - Live Drawing at Events
simoneone - Live Drawing and Packaging Customization

Client: Fresh cosmetics
Date: Mother’s Day 2018

I drew personalized floral illustrations on fresh’s signature packaging boxes for Mother’s Day 2018. I customized them using special fast-drying markers with watercolor effect, drawing’s customer’s favorite flowers and personalized messages.

Client: John Masters Organics
Date: June 2018

In summer 2018 I personalized John Masters Organics’ signature tote bags with custom drawings of florals, fruits and more of their organic ingredients, and some lettering elements. It was done for the company’s internal corporate event and I personalized about 20 bags live and on the spot.

simoneone - live drawing John Masters Organics

simoneone - Goop event live monogramming
simoneone - Senreve x Goop bag monogramming

Client: Goop
Date: December 2018

The December Christmas shopping spree brought a lot of personalization and monogramming events, kickstarting with this event for the bag brand Senreve, hosted by Goop at their pop-up store in San Francisco.
I customized about 60 bags on the spot with customer’s initials (or preferred short word).

simoneone - Away Travel - bag and suitcase monogramming

Client: Away Travel
Date: December 2018

Again during December I was in Away’s store in the Hayes, San Francisco, almost every weekend, monogramming their suitcases. I offered 3 lettering styles customers could chose from, and lettered them onto the bags.
The special paints are durable and will withstand the test of time and airport handling.

simoneone - Away Travel bag and suitcase customization

simoneone - Senreve bag monogramming
simoneone - Senreve bag customization and monogramming

Client: Senreve
Date: December 2018

And again the same month I finished the customizing craze at Senreve’s showroom, personalizing and monogramming some of their bags for their customers using special long-lasting leather paint.